Hank Raichle

I congratulate Global Volunteers on its 30th anniversary of providing volunteers the opportunity to serve communities in the United States and numerous other nations. Over 20 years, I had the privilege of participating in many different capacities as a Global Volunteer, but mainly in teaching children of all ages in a variety of subjects. All of these teaching experiences were received with gratitude from the student’s regular teachers and the students themselves.
The varied projects of Global Volunteers were especially meaningful to my 20 years of retired life. Engaging various cultures both abroad and in the United States provided a whole different level of people-to-people contact, differing significantly from the few meaningful people contacts as a tourist. Early in my retirement travel plans, I gave up tourist trips for Global Volunteers experiences.
Bud and Michele, and their staff over the years, must be really proud of the development of this very meaningful program and philosophy for volunteers to engage in peace and justice in our world.

Hank Raichle – 18 Time Volunteer