Ginna Portman Amis

We had an unusual day on our last day in Lima; Rather than go back to the PPA Edith arranged for us to go to Pamploma and Alta to visit the town and deliver an earth box to a community that GV had partnered with recently. Mid day we left Pamploma to return to PPA with so much to digest. Feelings and thoughts that were forefront; a how proud these people are with so little material wealth, how brave and courageous they are, and how little I truly know about living a challenging life. The other overwhelming observation was the immense contrast of lifestyles within 10 minutes of leaving Pamploma…on the highway were fancy car dealership and much commerce, worlds apart from a town with no running water and limited electricity.


We leave Lima better people for having been a part of Global Volunteers, and having met our fantastic team and Edith. We leave enriched by our time at PPA, surrounded by the dynamic energy of the Global Volunteers service program and the love from the children.”

Ginna Portman Amis – 5 Time Volunteer