Pamela Chaplin

My first volunteer experience began in a homeless shelter in Immokalee, Fla. with 7 Univ. of Kansas students and their Spanish professor.  We spent time tutoring young Hispanic and Seminole Indian young ladies at Pace School.  I learned a lot about myself.

Another volunteer experience led me to teaching 50 students in a classroom with 2 fans in 95 degree heat in Hanoi, Vietnam, but the conditions never dampened my enthusiasm for encouraging my students to learn and experience something new.

Multiple volunteer trips to UTEQ in Queretaro, Mexico have forged friendships with the staff and fostered better understanding of the US/Mexico interdependency.

My first multifaceted global program was St.Lucia, where volunteers work in a variety of programs:  educational, agricultural, and health services to assist the community in a bigger vision

In all my experiences, the Global Volunteer team has become more than just a lot of people, but has become a engine of change.

Pamela Chaplin – 10 Time Volunteer