My last experience as a Volunteer Team Leader for Global volunteers was in Montana on the Crow Agency Reservation.  Our team worked with the Native American Fair and Rodeo.  The members of the team came with the most positive attitude that all our contacts, learning and making friendships was easy and delightful.  My whole perception of “ownership” changed and I felt a good spiritual change inside of me.

I first joined Global Volunteers in 1998 as Country Manager in China and still maintain a life-long friendship with Mr. An Wei.  It was a year of constant adventure among different sights and sounds but most of all, the people.  I was personally challenged to open my mind daily and this experience lives in my heart today.

Life is a circle. Two team members who joined our Montana team had previously served with me as Global Volunteers in Kaua’i.  We reconnected like relatives.  I think that Global Volunteers is the only way to travel and the work that Bud and Michelle and now, Andrew is worth a Nobel Peace Prize

Maria Maki – 18 Time Volunteer