Special Anniversary Messages

Amanda Sweigart

One day I was sitting on the couch at my Mom’s house and she said to me what about doing Global Volunteers Peru Program? I said I think that is a great idea! So the end of January and beginning of February 2012 my mom and I embarked on our journey to Lima Peru to […]

Carolyn Brueggemann

When people ask, “Why do you volunteer instead of just travel?” I say it is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the people in various countries. We have learned so much through our volunteering and had experiences we would not have had as tourists. If there were interesting places near the volunteer sites like […]

David W. Johnson

My first service program with Global Volunteers was to a small town in southern Spain called Rota. I taught English to a middle-school class of lovely children. The kids we taught were so alive and full of life. They loved it when I’d make a mistake pronouncing a Spanish word but they were always cheerful. […]

Dennis Killeen

Kia Orana! This year I celebrated my 15th Global Volunteers service program in as many years – a testament to the success of Global Volunteers and, of course, a reaffirmation of my personal education and profit from serving as a Global Volunteer. During my Global Volunteers “career”, I’ve travelled to seven communities and participated in […]

Hank Raichle

I congratulate Global Volunteers on its 30th anniversary of providing volunteers the opportunity to serve communities in the United States and numerous other nations. Over 20 years, I had the privilege of participating in many different capacities as a Global Volunteer, but mainly in teaching children of all ages in a variety of subjects. All […]

Joelle Imholte

I think back to that first day as a Global Volunteer, nearly eight years now, and am reminded of those first butterflies as I waded into that sea of little people with big brown eyes, mile-wide smiles, coming face to face with their own curiosity. It was the day I met Augustine. It was the […]

John Doty

My experiences with Global Volunteers in Europe, Asia, and Central America have provided me with an awareness of a variety of cultures and beliefs and also the knowledge that all human beings possess similarities in their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The memories I have obtained have enriched my life and perspectives. To give a sense […]

Lorraine Markowski

After retirement as a professional nurse, I soon began to feel the need to do something for others. I had known about Global Volunteers from friends of mine who had served in Poland. The philosophy of Global Volunteers was one I could embrace, and I felt inclined to offer what I could at home in […]

Seija Webb

From that very first Global Volunteers service program was in Rarotonga of the Cook Islands, the charming little wee dot of an island, smack dab in the middle of the vast South Pacific, meeting Debbie and James Puati, Global Volunteers Cook Islands Country Managers and Team Leaders, and teaching those darling barefoot children at Takitumu […]

Sonja Knudsen

On the flight to my first Global Volunteers adventure in service, I read an article about Albert Schweitzer. Dr. Schweitzer was quoted as saying “I am life that wants to live, amidst life that wants to live.” These words became immediately important to me, and I have used them as a thought for the day for […]

Tom Medsger

Since my retirement in 2007, I have been a member of several teams of Global Volunteers in Mexico. I have taught conversational English in Queretaro, Dolores Hidalgo, Leon, and Victoria, in university and school settings of from 3,000 to 100 students. I love it! The students are already learning the language in class–they just need […]

Pamela Chaplin

My first volunteer experience began in a homeless shelter in Immokalee, Fla. with 7 Univ. of Kansas students and their Spanish professor.  We spent time tutoring young Hispanic and Seminole Indian young ladies at Pace School.  I learned a lot about myself. Another volunteer experience led me to teaching 50 students in a classroom with […]

Corrine McCarthy

Global Volunteers has been a part of my life for almost all of these 30 years.  I have “teamed” in Guatemala, India, Tonga, China, Vietnam (twice), Poland (twice), Ghana, Italy, Mississippi, Minnesota, Queretaro (twice), Romania, St. Lucia.  Friends frequently ask which place I prefer and I always respond that each setting was unique, never boring, […]

Lori Wedeking

When I boarded a plane in early July of 2002 for my first program in Poland, I never dreamed that by the end of August 2014 that I would have completed 27 service programs in Poland. I was determined to go in 2002 for that was only a few months after the 9/11 event that […]

Zygmunt Wielogórski

 “Dear Friends, Our partnership started together with the democratic changes in Poland. After many years of studying Russian we needed to have a well qualified English speaking cadre that could lead us into the European Union and NATO. For all these years, you have offered us the most unique form of volunteering; you have worked […]

The Scafidi Family

“To me Global Volunteers has changed my perspective on life. It made me realize how fortunate I am and how we take things for granted. Seeing how other people lived when we were on our trips and how they appreciate just the littlest things made me appreciate that we have even more. When I was […]

The Wells Family

“This summer, I worked with my family to teach English in Greece. We did this through an organization called Global Volunteers, and they provided the opportunity for us to live and work in a community near Gazi, Crete. We worked with a group of other volunteers, and throughout our two weeks there, we all learned […]

Brenda Pearson

To me Global Volunteers has it all, great staff, knowledgeable team leaders and country managers, doing a wonderful job helping people like me to travel and serve in areas of great need, teaching English and working on needed community projects. For the first time since I have been with GA I have served in the […]

Ginna Portman Amis

We had an unusual day on our last day in Lima; Rather than go back to the PPA Edith arranged for us to go to Pamploma and Alta to visit the town and deliver an earth box to a community that GV had partnered with recently. Mid day we left Pamploma to return to PPA […]

Roger Yockey

Browning, Metcalfe, Worthington, Quito, Beja,  Anse la Raye, Lima are not just places, cities, they are memories, wonderful experiences of where I went with Global Volunteers to work on projects with the local communities. I learned, served, built relationships, but I received much more from the local partners than I provided. A part of my […]

Marilyn Yockey

We went on our first Global Volunteers service program to find out if their philosophy of volunteering made sense to us.  It did, and we have never looked back.  To go to different countries, to be part of an ongoing group that builds a foundation and continues from there, to know that we are working, […]

Tommy Haas

My first adventure with Global Volunteers came in the spring of 1999 when I went with a group of college alums to Ostuni, Italy to teach conversational English in the schools there.  I experienced the freedom to let Domenica, the first grade English teacher, use me as she wished.  The joy of being in one […]

Sue Surma

When I am asked what Global Volunteers means to me, the answer is easy. Global Volunteers changed my life. From my first program in an isolated village in 1989 in Guatemala, my life has been filled with gratitude for the people and things in my life. When I had to carry water from a water […]

Maria Maki

My last experience as a Volunteer Team Leader for Global volunteers was in Montana on the Crow Agency Reservation.  Our team worked with the Native American Fair and Rodeo.  The members of the team came with the most positive attitude that all our contacts, learning and making friendships was easy and delightful.  My whole perception of “ownership” changed […]

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